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GIS Data Organization

The Auditor's GIS database was designed to allow for maximum versatility and growth as additional information becomes available in digital form.

For example, a paved driveway would be classified in the following manner: Subject - planimetric feature, data layer - secondary transportation, data item - paved drives, which could then be accessed in the computer under the reference number of 09072.

To date, the auditor's office has compiled more than 60 layers of appraisal related information. The current design of the system will allow for acquisition of 512 layers with a possible 255 items in each layer.

Layering Concept used Franklin County Auditor's Geographic Information System

To allow for easy access, storage and manipulation of vast amounts of data, a "layering" concept was implemented as described below.


First, it was decided which subjects would contribute most to the accurate appraisal of real estate.


These subjects were then divided into more specific categories and organized into data layers.


Finally, these broad groups of data were further divided into individual entries, called data items.