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The Financial Services Section consists of the Budget Commission Clerk and the Settlement Officers. Together, they coordinate the distribution of tax dollars, establish key tax rates, as well as verify and certify tax levy amounts before issues are placed on the ballot.

budget Commission Clerk

The Budget Commission Clerk receives and reviews budgets and appropriations from political subdivisions within Franklin County and is responsible for issuing Certificates of Estimated Resources to political subdivisions. The Clerk works directly with members of the Franklin County Budget Commission and keeps a record of all Budget Commission meetings. The Clerk also reviews each subdivision’s appropriations and issues Do Not Exceed/Exceed Certificates.
Anyone interested in receiving a copy of a subdivision's tax budget or seeing more information about the Franklin County Budget Commission can follow the links below.

REQUEST A TAX BUDGET Franklin County Budget Commission

Settlement officers

The Settlement Officers distribute funds from various sources to applicable political subdivisions and agencies. The main settlement distributions include:

  • Cigarette License Tax
  • Commercial Activity Tax (CAT)
  • Estate Tax
  • Gasoline Tax
  • Local Government Fund
  • Local Government Fund (HB64)
  • Manufactured Home Tax
  • Motor Vehicle License Tax
  • Personal Property Tax
  • Public Library Fund
  • Real Estate Tax

 Questions for budget & Settlement

Please call or email the Financial Services Team with questions:

  • Budget & Settlement email:  [email protected]
  • Budget Commission Clerk phone: 614-525-3743
  • Settlement Officer phone: 614-525-7296