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Consumer Tips

If you have concerns or questions about these or any other measurement issues, contact your local Weights and Measures Division. Try to supply as much information as possible about the transaction to make it easier for Weights and Measures to research the issue, e.g. the item being purchased, its selling price, the price you were charged, business manager or owner's name.


  • Be sure the correct pump is being used, whether the attendant is pumping the gas or you are pumping it yourself.

  • Be sure the pump is set to zero before gasoline is pumped.

  • Check the price by multiplying the number of gallons by the unit price. Be sure this shows as total price.

  • Make sure you are charged the amount advertised.

  • If using a credit card, check your receipt to be sure the amount billed is the amount on the pump.


  • Watch the scale and the amount registered. The scale should be placed so you can see the weight, price and other information displayed.

  • Make sure the scale shows a zero or minus sign before anything is weighed. Pay only for the product, not the packaging.

  • If you have any questions about how a store weighs or measures products, ask the manager for information.


  • Watch as the price of the item shows on the check out register.

  • Ask the clerk to check the price if you think the scanned price is incorrect.

  • If the scanned price does not agree with the posted price, ask the store manager to correct it.

  • Save the cash register receipt in case you have questions or a problem later.


  • When you buy firewood, ask the seller to stack the wood (you may have to pay extra for this) or stack the wood yourself.

  • Get a receipt which shows the seller's name, address, and phone number, and the price, amount, and kind of wood purchased. Write down the license number of the delivery vehicle.

  • Measure the wood before using any.

  • Take a picture of the stack if you think there is less than a cord.

  • If you feel you have a problem, contact the seller before you burn any wood.

To file a complaint about a weights and measures device in Franklin County, please fill out this form: