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The Franklin County Auditor’s Office will host intern cohorts made up of high school and college students as well as recent graduates who are no more than one year past graduation. Cohorts will work on a general semester calendar listed below and may work more than one semester if all parties agree to an additional term.

  • Fall: Mid-August to December
  • Spring: January to May
  • Summer: May to early August

The office will host both paid and unpaid interns. Four college interns may be paid and work up to 20 hours per week. Paid interns, also referred to as Fellows, will be paid $15 an hour. Unpaid interns do not have firm hour caps and hours of work will be decided with Supervisors. Students participating in the Internship program for class credit are not eligible for the paid fellowship.

High school internships are open to any students with an interest in the office. High school students are required to have transportation and will be treated as adults. High school students will rotate between participating departments in order to provide exposure to as many different operations of the Auditor’s office as possible and increase government engagement. High school interns that express an interest in one department over others will have the opportunity to be placed in that department, encouraging interns to get the most out of their experience.

Legal internships are open to law students preferably in their second or third year. First year students or pre-law students will be considered if no 2L or 3Ls match with our program.

All posting are described as Intern (unpaid), but applicants may be selected for the fellowship program based on interviews and availability.